Validation of EGDM ( Pasveer ) mobility enhancement model : Validation of EGDM ( Pasveer ) mobility enhancement model

Requires: Blaze/Organic Display
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.24.1.R

In this example we simulate a EGDM mobility enhancement mobility model ( Pasveer ) and validate it based in [1].

We performed numerical simulation for how to use set the proper enhancement factor in EGDM mobility enhancement model. In [1], the mobility enhancement term consist of three main factors. one is carrier concentration enhacement ( g1 ), 2nd is field enhancement term(g2), and g3 term which is diffusion enhancement. For each enhancement calculation and comparison to reference numerical modelling result, we use normalized carrier concentration and normlaized field strength etc. In calculation of g3 term, we explained in the input file ( ). This EGDM model can be enabled in MOBILITY PASVEER.

[1] S. L. M. van Mensfoort and R. Coehoorn, "Effect of Gaussian disorder on the voltage dependence of the current density in sandwich-type devices based on organic semiconductors", Physical Review B 78, 085207 (2008 )

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