Preamorphization Effect on Shallow Junction Profile. : Preamorphization Effect on Shallow Junction Profile.

Requires: SSuprem 4, MC IMPLANT
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.22.3.R

This example demonstrates that the BCA implant model can predict reduction of the channeling tail by using the preamorphization technique. Preamorphization of surface layers using Silicon ion bombardment is often used to avoid deep channeling tails when shallow symmetric doping profiles are required.

BCA simulations of three separate 70 keV, 1e13 ion/cm^2, 0-tilt Arsenic implants are performed:

  • without preamorphization
  • with partial preamorphization (1e14 Si ions/cm^2)
  • with full preamorphization (1e15 Si ions/cm^2).

The profile comparison shows that even partial preamorphization significantly reduces the channeling tail, while "full" preamorphization completely eliminates the tail.

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