Default GaN material simulation : Default GaN material simulation

Requires: Mocasim, TonyPlot Minimum Versions: Mocasim 5.16.0.R

This example repeats example 1 and 2 with a Wurtzite material.

The main difference between examples 1 and 2 and this example is on the intervalley_phonon command.

In Zincblende and Diamond structure crystals, the structure of the conduction band minima is fairly consistent. There is a minimum at the Gamma point of the Brillouin zone, a minimum along the L direction of the Brillouin zone, and a minimum along the X direction of the Brillouin zone.

In Wurtzite structure crystals there is no such uniformity. The three-valley model uses the three lowest conduction band minima. The lowest minima is given the ordinal 0, the next lowest minima is given the ordinal 1, and the third lowest minim is given the ordinal 2.

The three lowest minima for GaN can be seen from the output of the print command in section 5.

The fit command to fit a polynomial model to the Monte Carlo data. The polynomial model is of the form

mu = Sum{e=0...numE-1,n=0...numN-1,t=0...numT-1} Cent*E^e*log(N)^n*T^t

This polynomial contains numE*numN*numT terms and so can very quickly become unwieldy. In this example the doping and the temperature are fixed, so electric field is the only independent variable.

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