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mesfetex05.in : Deep Level Bulk Traps (EL2) - Transient Analysis

Requires: SSuprem 4/Blaze
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.28.1.R

This example is based on the structure created in example 4 within the MESFET section - the trap simulation is now performed in transient mode.

In the transient turn-off simulation, the drain voltage is also set to 0.5V. However the gate is then ramped in a transient from zero to -2.0V. The ramptime parameter sets the time for the gate voltage ramp, whilst tstop sets the time until which the simulation will continue. The parameter dt is used to set the first timestep of the transient. All other timesteps are calculated automatically by the program. A dt value of ramptime/100 is a safe one under most circumstances. Comparing the results of turn-off with and without traps shows how the presence of the fast trap states slows the time taken for the drain current to reduce to 1pA/um.

To load and run this example, select the Load button in DeckBuild > Examples. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the Run button in DeckBuild to execute the example.

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