2 keV Boron Implant/Diffusion Simulation Using PLS Model

advdifex05.in : 2 keV Boron Implant/Diffusion Simulation Using PLS Model

Requires: SSuprem 4 with DIFSIM Module
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.21.2.R

Once the validity of entire PLS diffusion model has been proved using specific experiments, simulations of relevant modern integrated circuits technologies are addressed.

A most aggressive technology simulation has been carried out, with a 2 keV boron implant with a dose of 1E14 atoms/cm^2 followed by a RTA at 1000C during 10 seconds. This type of simulation is difficult because it needs to take into account a large number of phenomena including defect recombination at the surface, and the fact that TED duration is a function of the implant setup and subsequent diffusion duration. Despite these difficulties, the model exhibits an excellent behavior with regard to experimental annealed data which proves its relevance.

The initial interstitial profile generated by the boron implant is modeled though a "+1" model.

To activate the new advanced diffusion model, specify PLS IC DDC in the METHOD statement before the diffusion step to take into account CDD, IC and BIC models.

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