Doping dependence of resistivity and electron mobility : Doping dependence of resistivity and electron mobility

Requires: Atlas
Minimum Versions: Atlas 5.18.3.R

This example shows how to use the DBInternal capability to investigate the doping dependence of resistivity and electron mobility. The simulations will reproduce the graphs of mobility and resistivity for n-type silicon shown in Figures 18 and 21 in chapter 1 of S.M. Sze's "Physics of Semiconductor Devices". The template Atlas input deck "" for a simple resistor is created. The uniform doping is specified by the set command of Deckbuild. The parameters of interest, resistivity and mobility, are extracted using "extract from curve" capability. The content of the template file can be seen inside the Experiment input deck file "".

The Experiment file starts with the go internal command which transfers control from the current simulator (i.e. Atlas) to DBInternal. The Experiment file consists of the following sections:

  • The load command specifies which template file should be used for multiple runs.
  • The sweep command specifies how the variables set in the template file should be changed. In this example the doping varies from 1e12 to 1e21. The number of simulations is set to 37.
  • The save command tells DBInternal to collate the data generated in all extract commands into the file "doeex02.dat".

After all simulations are complete, the resulting resistivity vs doping and mobility vs doping dependencies are plotted in TonyPlot.

To load and run this example, select the Load button in DeckBuild > Examples. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the Run button in DeckBuild to execute the example.