MOS Device Structure : MOS Device Structure

Requires: SSuprem 4/Elite
Minimum Versions: Athena 5.21.2.R

This example shows the fabrication of a MOS structure using Elite and SSuprem 4 . The grid is adaptive and the BASE.MESH feature is automatically applied to the initial mesh generation. This is a good test for gridding of a planar structure.

The example begins without a grid definition. A MOS grid template is used. This template is installed under the subdirectory var/athena.grid in the Silvaco Installation Directory. The template can be modified and reused for another similar simulation.

Finally, the structure is plotted using TonyPlot and the structure saved to a file.

To load and run this example, select the Load example button. This action will copy all associated files to your current working directory. Select the DeckBuild run button to execute the example.