Code Coverage Reporting

009_code_coverage : Code Coverage Reporting

Minimum Required Versions: SILOS 4.12.1.C

The example 009_code_coverage consists of a testbench file and a module definition file. We run SILOS simulations and generate Code Coverage reports for each testbench.

Run a simulation using testbench.v

  • Start SILOS, open the project file "codecoverage.spjx".
  • Verify the Enable/Disable Code Coverage button is depressed. This option allows collection of code coverage data while the simulation is run.
  • Click the Go button to run the simulation
  • Select the menu item Reports->Code Line/Statement Coverage Report to open the Code Coverage Line/Statement Coverage report.
  • Observe that line 16 of "code_coverage.v" has a hit count of zero.
  • Click on that line of the report and observe that the source file has been opened in a edit window and line 16 is highlighted. If the mouse cursor is placed over the code coverage icon, the data tip "Line Not Executed" is displayed.