Analyzer - Time window bookmarks

029_analyzer_bookmarks : Analyzer - Time window bookmarks

Minimum Required Versions: SILOS 4.12.1.C

Example 029_analyzer_bookmarks, the circuit is a newspaper vending machine implemented as a Verilog gate level design. The Gateway schematics for the testbench and circuit as well as the netlist and the library files vend.gv and abc_100.v.

This example shows the feature of the SILOS graphical user interface for Analyzer Time window bookmarks.

Analyzer - Time window bookmarks

  • Open the project gate.spjx and run simulation.
  • Open Analyzer window from toolbar.
  • To invoke the context menu, click the right mouse button on the timescale on the top of the Waveform Display window.
  • The context menu remains open while the left mouse button is used to select a menu item.
  • Select the Add Bookmark menu to open the Add Bookmark dialog box.
  • To set Bookmark0, click on the OK button.
  • Open the context menu and use the "Goto Timepoint" menu selection to go to another simulation time, such as 0.5us.
  • Then open the context menu again and select Bookmark0 to go back to where you were.