Running Lint on Verilog Source Files

012_lint : Running Lint on Verilog Source Files

Minimum Required Versions: SILOS 4.12.1.C

The example 012_lint consists of a finite state machine module, testbench and project file. We will run SILOS lint on the FSM source file "fsm_example.v" and examine the SILOS lint output.

  • Start SILOS and open the project file "fsm.spjx".
  • Select Run lint on file/s... in the file menu.
  • Select the file "fsm_example.v" and click on "Open".
  • SILOS lint will run and the output messages will appear in the Output window and is also saved to the file "lint.lst".
  • Text highlighted in blue is linked to the source file text line that generated the message.
  • Double clicking on these links will open the source file for examination or editing.