multiple layouts simulation : multiple layouts simulation

Requires: QUEST Minimum Versions: QUEST 2.0.2.R

This example demonstrates how to load and run multiple layouts.


This example is based on questex14.

Running the Example

To load and run this example, select the Load example button in DeckBuild. This will copy the input file, GDSII file and results to your current working directory. Select the run button to execute the example.

In this example, two layouts are loaded using two consecutive layout gdsfile statements. These are layout gdsfile = "questex18_nb=4_oct.gds" cell = "CELL" and layout gdsfile = "questex18_nb=5_oct.gds" cell = "CELL"

Results analysis

These two layouts differ from each other by the number of turns. Inductor performance are monitored using the TonyPlot overlay feature as well as the extract capability in DeckBuild.