Parameterized Inductor layout : Parameterized Inductor layout

Requires: QUEST Minimum Versions: QUEST 2.0.2.R

This example demonstrates the use of an Expert LISA script used by QUEST to generate a parameterized gds layout.


In order to build an inductance model or make a variation of layout parameters it is especially interesting to have parametrized gds. This is possible in QUEST using Expert's LISA scripting language.

Running the Example

To load and run this example, select the Load example button in DeckBuild. This will copy the input file, GDSII file and results to your current working directory. Select the run button to execute the example.

In this example, four layout variables are defined (number of coils, radius,wire_width and space) and the layout is created accordingly using the creategds command in QUEST associated with the EXPERT script file.

Results analysis

Inductor performance is monitored using the extract capability of DeckBuild.

This example shows how to use the DBinternal capability to investigate the geometrical layout variation on the inductor performance. Please refer to the DeckBuild example DOE: Design of Experiment Examples for detailed explanation of the DBinternal syntax and the DeckBuild manual.

When loaded in SPAYN (start SPAYN and load inductor.db) a quadratic model of L as a function of 3 layout variables can be done. For that in SPAYN go to tool regression and select L as target and NB_COILS, WIRE_WIDTH and RADIUS as predictors. Perform a quadratic model with interaction and click on TonyPlot. You thus have a Response Surface Model (RSM) that you can use for synthesis for example.