Simulation of a simple square sided inductor : Simulation of a simple square sided inductor

Requires: QUEST Minimum Versions: QUEST 2.0.2.R

This example is a square inductor. The input files for all examples are already in the software installation, and can be accessed using the DeckBuild GUI. Start Deckbuild with the command deckbuild then from the Main Control menu select Examples. Scroll down to the QUEST section, double-click to expand, then double-click on the required example. The description of the example is displayed. To load and run this example, select the Load example button in DeckBuild. This will copy the input file, GDS II file and results to your current working directory. Select the run button to execute the example.

The GDSII file can be viewed in MaskViews, Expert or any other layout editing tool that can read GDSII format. The process is a generic process using six metal levels and standard values for the conductivity and permittivity.

Since the inductor in this example has a diameter of approximately 400um, the depth of the substrate in the simulation was chosen to be 400um.

A two port simulation is defined by using the reserved electrode name called "subs_ground". This grounds out the reference electrode for both the "IN" port and the "OUT" port of the two port network.

All the results will be placed in a directory structure under the name "tutorial_db" which was defined with SAVE command.

Three dimensional structure files can be viewed with TonyPlot3d. All other RLCG and Q versus frequency data can be viewed with TonyPlot.