Setup and Run a Fault Simulation

002_fault_sim : Setup and Run a Fault Simulation

Minimum Required Versions: Hyperfault 4.12.1.C

Example 002_fault_sim is a drink vending machine implemented as a Verilog gate level design. Included in this example are the Gateway schematic for the circuit as well as the testbench and library files are "dm_lib.v" and "primitives.v".

We will use the Hyperfault GUI to add fault simulation options to the project. These options are specified in the Edit->Project Properties->Fault Simulation->Selection/Sampling/Options dialogs.

Fault Simulation Setup using the GUI

  • Start Hyperfault (command: hyperflt -gui), open the project file "flt_test.spjx"
  • Open the Edit->Project Properties->Fault Simulation->Selection dialog.
  • Enter the hierarchical path to the Device Under Test (DUT), in this example "testbench.X1" is the instance of drink_machine module.
  • We will include "All possible faults" in this fault simulation.
  • Open the Edit->Project Properties->Fault Simulation->Sampling dialog.
  • For this example we will use the default setting "All selected faults" so that all possible faults (Input Stuck Low/High and Output Stuck Low/High) will be run.
  • Open the Edit->Project Properties->Fault Simulation->Options dialog.
  • We will use the default values for these fault simulation options for this example.
  • Close the options dialog.
  • Click "Start Fault Sim" to run the fault simulation.
  • Observe the fault simulation output in the Output window.