Ring Oscillator example

005_ring_osc : Ring Oscillator example

Minimum Required Version: Harmony 4.12.2.C

This example includes a Verilog-AMS testbench and a ring oscillator circuit implemented with a mixture of SPICE and Verilog inverters. The source files are testbench.v, ring_osc.in, BCD3INV_1XG1.net, connect.v and models.dat.

Simulate the ring oscillator circuit using Harmony.

  • Start Harmony and open the ring_osc.spjx project. The Harmony window title will now display <project_path>/ring_osc.spjx.
  • Run the simulation using the Go toolbar button.
  • Open the Explorer window by selecting View->Explorer to view the circuit hierarchy.
  • Open the Analyzer waveform viewer to view the simulation results.
  • Using the Analyzer time markers you can measure the switching delay for the SPICE inverter X23 and compare that to the delay for the Verilog inverter X48