Documentation and Training

Each Silvaco PDK comes with a PDK Quickstart Manual, a self-guided tutorial with circuit examples built with the foundry devices for the Silvaco PDK-Based tool flow from schematic through simulation, layout, DRC/LVS, and parasitic extraction. Analog PDK examples include a Band Gap circuit. Logic PDK and Mixed-Mode PDK examples include a shifter block. RF PDK examples include LNA, VCO, Mixer or PA circuits. Each PDK includes Release Notes with Known Issues and a completed GSA MS/RF PDK Checklist. Training for PDK use, customization, and development is available upon request.

  • At top left is a band gap circuit captured with Gateway Schematic Capture using symbols from the PDK
  • Pcells are instantiated by Expert Layout Editor with flight-lines
  • Cells are placed and wired to optimize final layout, DRC/LVS verified and parasitic extracted
  • SmartSpice simulates the extracted band gap over temperature