EDA Tools Certified for Use With UMC BCD60 PDK

Type Vendor and Tool Version Date
Schematic Silvaco Gateway 2.4.14.R October 2006
Simulation Control      
Circuit Simulator (A) Silvaco Smartspice 2.24.15.R October 2006
Circuit Simulator (B)      
Circuit Simulator (C)      
Layout Editor Silvaco Expert 4.2.15.R June 2006
DRC Checker Silvaco Guardian DRC 4.2.15.R June 2006
LVS Checker Silvaco Guardian LVS 4.2.15.R June 2006
Netlist Extractor HIPEX Net 2.8.15.R June 2006
Parasitic Extractor      
Analysis Tools Silvaco Smartview 2.12.3.R June 2006