EDA Tools Certified for Use With Jazz SBC18HX PDK

PDK ID: jazz-sbc18hx    
Current PDK ver.: 1.1.2.R PDK    
Release Date: May 6th, 2008    
Tool Version Version Date
Gateway Schematic Editor2.6.7.R June 2007
SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator 3.8.4.R May 2008
Smartspice RF Harmonic Balance Based Circuit Simulator 1.2.3.R May 2008
Expert Layout Editor 4.4.16.R May 2008
Guardian DRC/LVS/NET Physical Verification Products 4.4.15.R April 2008
HIPEX Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction Products 3.2.7.R April 2008
SmartView WaveForm Viewer 2.20.6.R May 2007

Please see PDK summary for changes and important version migration information.