EDA Tools Certified for Use with ams-35 (AMS S35) PDK

PDK ID: ams-s35  
Current PDK Ver.: 1.1.0.R  
PDK Release Date: December 21st, 2009  
Technology Name: s35 (s35d3)  
Tool Version
Gateway Schematic Editor 2.8.25.R
SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator 3.11.89.R
Expert Layout Editor 4.5.16.C
Guardian DRC/LVS/LPE Physical Verification Products 4.5.16.C
HIPEX Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction Products 3.3.14.C
SmartView WaveForm Viewer 2.22.8.R

Please see PDK summary for changes and important version migration information.