Radiation Design Flow

Integrated Tool Flow for Radiation Tolerant Design


Silvaco provides a complete and fully integrated solution to modeling, simulation, and design software for the most advanced semiconductor technologies. Our radiation solution incorporates TCAD, SPICE, Interconnect Parasitic Analysis, and a CAD flow supported by the worlds best foundries. The Silvaco Radiation solution enables engineers to analyze the impact of all forms of radiation, mitigate their effects through design, and finally ensure the reliability of their designs for any given environment.

Silvaco’s Radiation Flow incorporates modeling and simulation tools that span the entire integrated circuit from full chip timing closure and reliability simulations to atomic level material defects in a unified tool architecture. Our multi-level modeling approach yields results that no other company can match.


Analog Radiation Flow


22 nm 6-T SRAM Flow

A unified example illustrating the generation of SEE current pulses from a 6-T 22nm SRAM structure created in Atlas. Current (I) and Voltage (V), IV curves were generated and fitted into a custom SPICE model using Utmost IV for model extraction which was in turn fed to SmartSpice RadHard, and Gateway schematics for radiation tolerant circuit design based on worst case device models created with Atlas. Finally the schematics are passed to Expert layout and our Guardian verification packages for physical design. The sign off process also incorporates Silvaco’s parasitic extraction tools to ensure any changes to R and/or C meet performance specifications.




Key Features of the Radiation Flow

  • Simulation at the transistor level, circuit level, and chip level of Single Event Effects, Total Dose, Dose Rate, and Combined Environments
  • Full 3D process and device simluation to capture very precise charge generation, re-combination, and transport
  • Materials database in the TCAD tools supports almost any material system and allows for user defined materials
  • Sophisticated Design of Experiment support with optimization algorithms, powerful visualization, and experimental design generation
  • Foundry supported Process Design Kits (PDK’s) from the world’s foundries with our design & verification tools
  • Best in class parasitic extraction capabilities to resolve accurate capacitance and resistance values for radiation aware designs


Leveraging Foundry Supplied Compact Models

Silvaco’s breakthrough is linking the entire radiation flow to foundry supported compact device models coupled with our SmartSpice RadHard and Utmost IV products. This results in unprecedented flexibility for simulation, optimization, and tape-out ready designs with radiation physics embedded into the process design kit and tape-out flow. Utilizing the foundry supplied compact models the Silvaco tools support complex analysis of the size, weight, area, and power trade-offs, allowing maximum performance with the smallest penalties.


Foundry Partners

Foundry Partners Austriamicrosystems American Semiconductor EPSON XFAB VIS MOSIS Panasonic Analog Slice Service New Japan Radio Co. Ltd. Global Foundries On Semiconductor TowerJazz UMC TSMC


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