How to Install PDKs

Silvaco develops and distributes all PDKs as 'standard software updates' .ssu files. PDKs are not complete installations and must be installed into an installation area already containing the tool. Using 'standard software updates' allows the package to be automatically installed into the correct location within the tool set.

Once you have downloaded a PDK .ssu file, you can install it as follows:

First ensure the user you are logged in as has permissions to write to the existing software installation area.

  1. Backup your existing installation area. On Unix or Linux simply tar up the entire directory containing the software. On Windows system simply create a zip, rar or similar archive of the installation folder and contents.
  2. Run the tool sman (Management Console) from your installed tool folder.
  3. Select Tools-> Add and Manage Updates.
  4. Click Browse and locate the .ssu file.
  5. Click Install.

This will add new versions of PDKs to your existing installation area. Your original versions will not be deleted.

For PDK-specific instructions, see the <INSTALL_DIR>/pdk/<foundry> directory.


  • In the unlikely event you need to recover from a backup, simply rename your existing tool folder to an alternative name, extract your archived copy and reboot the machine.
  • An installation area can contain software for multiple platforms as well as multiple versions. This is recommended over having several separate installation areas.
  • The sman (Management Console) can install updates for any platform. For example: If you have a central network drive on a Linux machine accessible to Linux, Solaris and Windows, you can run the sman tool on just the server and load in each platform update using just the Linux sman tool. It is recommended that you run sman on the machine that the software really resides on.