University Program

University Program

The objective of the Silvaco University Program is to educate future generations of TCAD and EDA engineers by providing access to leading TCAD and EDA tools. We invite all universities to join our program. Since this program's inception in 1990, Silvaco has helped hundreds of universities worldwide to incorporate our products into their research and teaching curriculums.

This program is strictly for use in academic research and teaching only. Immediate permanent termination of academic licenses and other liabilities will result from any trace of commercial activity. The academic institution is responsible for administering and monitoring this program carefully.

Entry Requirements

All applicants to the program must be accredited, degree-granting academic institutions.

Available Software Licenses

Silvaco recommends standard software bundles for Universities.

For TCAD users, a TCAD OMNI License is recommended, which enables affordable access to any of the Silvaco TCAD tools except for the VICTORY suite. TCAD OMNI Licenses are sold in multiples of 10 for a fixed annual fee. You may combine TCAD OMNI License bundles with term-based licensing of individual tools for an optimal product mix.

For EDA users, an EDA Academic Suite provides all the licenses necessary to learn all the essential EDA design functions typically found in a commercial design flow.

Software updates are included.

Universities do not receive technical
software support from Silvaco.

Contact information

North and South America
4701 Patrick Henry Dr. Bldg. #2
Santa Clara, CA 95054
F: (408) 496-6080 (fax)

Other regions

Contact your nearest Silvaco sales office.