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Although Cambridge is only approximately 13 miles away, during rush hour the St Ives - Cambridge drive can easily take in excess of 45 mins.

Travel Information

Rail and coach timetables:

From London (Heathrow and Gatwick airports) we would suggest going to Huntingdon Train Station. From Stansted airport we would suggest going to Cambridge Train Station. Then taxi or bus to St Ives.

Taxis from Cambridge to St Ives cost in the region of £30. Taxis from Huntingdon to St Ives cost in the region of £10. Taxis from Stansted airport, if booked in advance are in the region of £50.

There is a regular bus service running Cambridge City Centre (Drummer St) - St Ives - Huntingdon and the reverse. Either the 45 or the 55. The latter is marginally quicker. The journey takes in the region of 30mins + from Cambridge City Centre. For further timetable information please go to:


When travelling from Heathrow or London City, there is an excellent underground service which will take you direct from the airports to London Kings Cross from where you can take a train direct into Huntingdon (Kings Cross - Huntingdon approximately 50mins - 1 hour).

Hotel Information

For hotels in St. Ives, have a look at: We would recommend Slepe Hall or The Golden Lion. Both are 15 minutes walk to the office (no hills in Cambridgeshire).

We have a corporate discount agreement with The Golden Lion. To obtain this discount the room(s) must be booked through Silvaco. Please contact the office at +44 (0) 1480 484400 if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

Hotels websites: