Silvaco Strengthens China Presence

Silvaco’s commitment to the China market was given a significant boost on July 10, 2014, when the company entered into an agreement with Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics of Peking University (SHRIME/PKU) to jointly establish a development laboratory. This development platform will enable a better understanding of the requirements for TCAD and EDA tools by the design community in China. It will enable them to rapidly develop solutions targeted to the specific needs of the local market.

The signing ceremony received coverage in EE Times China

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Silvaco and Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics of Peking University (SHRIME/PKU)

On the morning of July 10, a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement signing ceremony was held for Silvaco, Inc., and Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics of Peking University (SHRIME/PKU) at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park’s SHRIME/PKU Auditorium.Among those attending the ceremony were Shanghai Science and Technology Deputy Director, Mr. Chen Ming, Deputy Director of the Pudong New Area Science and Technology Commission, Mr. Cai Longhai, Silvaco company owner Ms. Kathy Pesic, Silvaco Chairman of the Board, Mr. Iliya Pesic, Silvaco President of Asian Pacific, Mr. MG. Hwang, Silvaco China Vendor Chain General Manager, Mr. Luojing, and Dean of Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics, Professor Cheng Yuhua, and Mr. Ben Lim.

Ms. Kathy Pesic and Mr. Iliya Pesic address the audience

Mr. Luo Jing presided over the signing ceremony. Deputy Director Mr. Lin Benchu, Secretary General Mr. Jiang Shoulei, Mr. Chen Ming, Mr. Iliya Pesic, and Professor Cheng Yuhua, each gave a speech during the ceremony celebrating the cooperation between Silvaco and SHRIME/PKU. In his speech, Mr. Lin Benchu pointed out that Peking University's microelectronics discipline is one of the birthplaces of China’s Microelectronics, and after several decades of development, has grown into a high-profile discipline in the international community. As Pudong Government / Zhangjiang Management Committee’s national key project to attract domestic strong scientific research capacities, Peking University’s microelectronics discipline was introduced in Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, in 2007. Since its establishment in Pudong, SHRIME/PKU has been working closely with Zhangjiang Park / Shanghai local microelectronics companies, and other research institutes to promote the integration of "production, teaching, research and practical application" for mutual development, as well as to explore a solid, pragmatic roadmap for its own growth. He hopes that through cooperation projects, SHRIME/PKU and Silvaco can take advantage of each other’s comprehensive, scientific research strength, technology advantages and the Pudong district’s core position in the microelectronics industry in China, to carry out high levels of scientific research and development projects. This allows them to focus on training critically needed, high-level professionals in China’s microelectronics and integrated circuit industries, and play a positive role in the microelectronics growth of SMEs and the development of new industries in the Pudong Zhangjiang areas.

Mr. Iliya Pesic (left) and Professor Cheng Yuhua (right) sign the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Mr. Jiang Shoulei outlined Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry’s conditions and trends. He noted that as an important industrial base technology, advanced semiconductor technology and new devices are the key foundations for post-Moore era’s ‘More Moore’ and ‘More than Moore’ industry roadmaps. He hopes the two partners will be instrumental in the advanced technology development of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry and in developing a variety of customized device technology. By working together with the government and up/downstream industry colleagues, they will promote Shanghai’s IC industry to achieve leapfrogging development and industrial restructuring upgrade, so as to jointly realize China's dream of becoming the IC industry’s powerhouse.

Mr. Cheng Ming spoke on behalf of the Commissioner, Mr. Wang Ye. In his speech, he outlined a Shanghai high-tech industry development plan and vision, and Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Development prospects. He expressed high expectations for the cooperation between Silvaco and SHRIME/PKU.

In addressing the audience, Mr. Iliya Pesic gave an overview of Silvaco and the business development situation in China. He highly appreciated the close cooperation between SHRIME/PKU and Silvaco in the past seven years. He hopes that, in the future, on the foundation of the jointly established laboratory platform, both sides can get closer to the Shanghai microelectronics industry users, develop and provide more professional and precise technology solutions and services to promote the development of the local industry.

Professor Cheng Yuhua thanked all the leaders, the arrival of Silvaco’s distinguished guests and special guests, and their long-term support for the Institute. He summarized the past seven years’ development process and achievements in scientific research, technology transfer, industrial incubation, personnel training, public service platform construction and other intellectual property rights. He highly praised Silvaco for its consistent support of the Institute’s research work. Since the Institute’s establishment in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Silvaco has been collaborating with the Institute to provide high-quality solutions and technical services for China's microelectronics industry. After years of joint efforts of both sides, a solid foundation has been laid for growing wider areas of cooperation. He said that in the future the Institute will be promoting multi-faceted cooperation with Silvaco, and together strive to develop industry-oriented advanced microelectronic technology as well as producing high-end microelectronic technology talents with core competitiveness, playing a part in the development of China's microelectronics industry.

In the presence of leaders of all levels and industry colleagues, Mr. Iliya Pesic and Professor Cheng Yuhua signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. More than 200 people attended the signing ceremony, including Silvaco senior engineers, renowned electronic media EETimes, SHRIME/PKU’s staff and other industry colleagues.
Provided By:Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics of Peking University (SHRIME/PKU)

Shanghai Research Institute of Microelectronics of Peking University (SHRIME/PKU), is an independent research career legal entity jointly created by Peking University and Shanghai Pudong New District Government. It is dedicated to microelectronics core technology development and research, and the integration of industry, teaching and research. Located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, it has 7,000 square meters of office space and 3,000 square meters of laboratory space. Officially beginning operation in April 2007, the Institute implements the Dean system under the leadership of the Council.
Former president of Peking University and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Xu Zhihong serves as Council Chairman. Famous scientist and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wang Yangyuan serves as chief scientist. Internationally renowned scholar and IEEE Fellow Professor Cheng Yuhua dean serves as Dean of the Institute. The Institute relies on strong academic talents and strengths, with the goal of "industry-oriented core competitiveness to face global challenges ", and with "science and technology research and development, personnel training, industry incubation" as its main tasks. Its mission is to build China’s internationally renowned first-class microelectronics core technologies research and development platform and high-level personnel training base. With the support of Shanghai City, Zhangjiang, Pudong New Area Administrative Committee and other government departments, it collaborates closely with the Yangtze River Delta and the country’s related companies in developing and transforming key technologies, industry model application and interdisciplinary personnel training, and gradually builds a microelectronics research and transfer center with influence at home and abroad.

Silvaco, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the leading supplier of Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) software, and a major supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for circuit simulation and design of analog, mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits. Its mission is to remain the leading TCAD supplier while becoming the leading EDA supplier delivering best-in-class tools, complete design tool flows, expert technical support and professional services. Silvaco has a solid team of industry-experienced professionals, most with advanced engineering degrees (MS, PhD) in the key technology disciplines of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. Silvaco’s broad customer base includes leading foundries, semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, universities, research institutions and IC design houses.