3D Victory Process tutorial (process mode)

vpex02.in : 3D Victory Process tutorial (process mode)

Requires: Victory Process : Core Simulator, 3D Physical Etch & Deposit, 3D Diffusion & Implantation, 3D Oxidation
Minimum Version: Victory Process 6.8.0

This example demonstrates 3D process simulation by using all fundamental process simulation capabilities of Victory Process. You may consider this example as a tutorial for performing a 3D simulation in process mode of Victory Process.

List of key syntax:

Init: Defines simulation volume, meshing resolution and number of Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) levels

Line: Adjusts volume data mesh

Etch: Etching with geometrical mode

Deposit: Deposition with geometrical mode

Etch: Etching with physical mode

Deposit: Deposition with physical mode

Implant: Ion implantation

Diffuse: Performs oxidation, dopant activation and dopant diffusion

Lithography: Performs aerial image simulation and creates aerial image based mask layers

To load and run this example, select the Load example button in DeckBuild Examples window. This will copy the input file and any support files to your current working directory. Select the run button to execute the example.